Chart Hygiene and High Reliability

High Reliability

High reliability means combining the most efficient people, processes, protocols, policies, structures, technologies, and environment to achieve top-tier outcomes across RWJBH and to deliver the highest quality care and safest experience for our patients, communities, and workforce. With Epic, we are putting reliable tools in the hands of reliable people and helping them go from reactive to proactive.

Epic technology best supports our high reliability journey and further unites every aspect of our health system. Epic consolidates our disparate registration, billing, and scheduling systems promotes transparency and communication and helps us move toward our goal of zero events of preventable harm to our patients and employees.

Chart Hygiene is an extension of our Safety Together Journey.

Safety Together improves on our reliability, builds upon our past successes in safety and quality, and uses new tools such as Epic and behaviors, such as Chart Hygiene, to ensure the health of our patients and the communities we serve.

Safety and reliability are everyone’s responsibility, not just that of staff who are directly involved in patient care. Each of us is expected to live up to our safety values and incorporate them into our day-to-day.

Teams and Providers are better able to receive the signals of patient needs and provide whole-person care.