Epic Care Link Hyperspace Access

Request Epic access for independent community providers and their supporting clinical office staff with ONE form!

RWJBarnabas Health’s independent community providers office staff must request access to view patient records and/or complete Prep for Procedure workflows, including scheduling, through the Care Link/Hyperspace Request Portal. Completing the questionnaire on the Care Link Hyperspace Request Portal will determine if Care Link access or Limited Hyperspace Access is needed. Complete all necessary fields and sign the required agreements via DocuSign electronic signature, so the Epic Together team can grant you the appropriate access. You can also track the progress of your request(s) and add/remove staff as needed, all through the Care Link Hyperspace Request Portal.

Care Link displays lab results, diagnostic test results, hospitalization records, procedural information, discharge instructions, progress notes, medications, allergies, medical history and more.

Care Link

  • Provides real-time, view-only access to a patient’s information such as hospitalizations, specialist referrals, and real-time clinical data.
  • Is compliant with state and federal regulations for the release of Protected Health Information (PHI).
  • Provides a more transparent flow of information between physicians.
  • Makes it easier for external physicians to place referrals and orders.
  • Gives community providers access to review clinical data from RWJBarnabas Health.

Care Link is available to:

  • Referring physicians and their support staff.
  • Community-based care partners, such as nursing homes and long-term care facilities.
  • Non-employed admitting/referring providers and staff from the community.
  • Other uses for Care Link:
    • Healthy Planet shares the application with Care Link – RWJBH Accountable Care Organizations.
    • Research.

Care Link and Limited Hyperspace

Care Link and limited Hyperspace access provide community users with the ability to support patient care and coordination. Given that office staff within a practice perform different job functions, it is possible that some staff need Care Link access while others need Limited Hyperspace access.

Please note that providers with their own access to the RWJBH Epic Hyperspace do not need Care Link or Limited Hyperspace access.

Care Link

Care Link is a secure web-based application that RWJBarnabas Health makes available to independent community providers and their supporting office staff. Care Link provides real-time view and print access to a patient’s information such as hospitalizations, specialist referrals, and real-time clinical data.

  • When placing one-off Lab, Radiology, and Cardiology orders.
  • When placing a Referral to an RWJBarnabas Health hospital that is currently “live” on Epic.
  • When your practice is not a part of the RWJBarnabas Health combined Medical Groups.
  • When view-only access is needed to RWJBarnabas Health patient charts.

Limited Hyperspace

Limited Hyperspace Access allows independent office staff to view clinical data, enter case request orders to reserve the operating room, and propose orders to RWJBarnabas Health providers for second signature.

Please Note: A live Epic Training webinar must be completed prior to gaining access to Epic Hyperspace. Lessons learned from prior waves have proven tremendous benefit to a live demonstration with opportunity to ask questions and gain real-time answers to ensure proficiency with creating and scheduling cases in Hyperspace.

  • When scheduling surgical or endoscopy case requests.
  • When scheduling with the Cath Lab.
  • If you are an RWJBarnabas Health practice with RWJBarnabas Health credentialed providers.

Access to Epic is role-based and will be provided for either Limited Hyperspace or Care Link.

Care Link and Limited Hyperspace Requirements

Care Link Limited Hyperspace
Training arrow green
Site Agreement Signed by Authorizing Official/Provider arrow green arrow green
User Agreement arrow green arrow green
Site Admins arrow green
DUO Two-Factor Authentication arrow green arrow green
Citrix Receiver arrow green

Tip Sheets

Please note: Once you have access to Limited Hyperspace, your “Home Workspace” will include helpful links to Tip Sheets that will guide you through the processes you have access to (ex: Op-Time Prep for Procedure, etc.). For Care Link, you will have access to a home page with Quick Links to tip sheets for various features and information for ACO, Research, and Clinical View-Only purposes.

Epic Terms

Epic has distinct terminology that may be new to you! To learn more about Epic terminology, click the link below.
View Epic Terms

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When do we have to submit the request to ensure access at go-live?
A: You may begin to submit your request once you have attended one of the Information Sessions.

Q: How long does it take to get access?
A: Processing time is 2-3 weeks.

Q: If I have Care Link for a different healthcare organization, do I need to request access for RWJBarnabas Health? 
A: Yes, RWJBarnabas Health will require processes and agreements that are specific to our organizations.

Q: If I have already attended a session for a previous RWJBarnabas Health go-live, would I have to attend any of the subsequent sessions?
A: No, you will not have to attend again for our organization. You may submit additional requests as needed since you have the information URL for the RWJBarnabas Health process.

Q: Password Changes?
A: A link is available to the ServiceNow Support Desk which enables you to open an incident from within the Care Link app.

Q: AD Account Expiration?
A: All office staff with access to the RWJBH Network and Epic will be required to re-authenticate annually to allow their username to remain active. The Site Administrator will receive an email from Operations regarding their employee(s) whose access will expire. The Site Administrator is required to enter the portal using the Check Request Status option to create a Re-Submit request which will start the account extension process.

Q: I already have a Care Link account for a different healthcare system. Can I use the same icon or link to log in for RWJBarnabas Health?
A: No, you will receive a link that is specific to RWJBarnabas Health, along with instructions for 2FA.
A: Happy Together Link is active for customers that use Care Link for multiple hospitals. It provides easier navigation between accounts without the use of multiple usernames and passwords.