Epic – How to Get Help

Need Help with Epic?

IF YOU NEED HELP IMMEDIATELY: (e.g., for patient safety, password reset)
Call the Epic Help Desk – Available 24/7
Providers: (855) 453-1948
Clinical Care Teams and Support Staff: (855) 453-1950

You don’t have to make a call to resolve a problem with Epic!

  • When you open a Get Help Ticket directly in Epic, your name, contact information, Epic workflow context, and patient/MRN information are all automatically recorded for optimal problem resolution. It will also save you time!
  • Tickets are routed to the most appropriate applications or support team for faster resolution.
  • Fewer calls to the Help Desk will free them up to work on other incidents (And prevents you from waiting on hold to open a ticket via the same phone call!).

Click “Get Help” at the top of the Epic screen!

Looking for more information about how to:

  • Open a Get Help Ticket
  • Check The Status of an Open Ticket
  • Enter an Enhancement Request

Click the link at the top of this page to view and download the latest information!

How to Reopen a Ticket:

If your incident persists, click the link at the bottom of the automated Enterprise Service Desk email you receive after your ticket has been marked as “resolved” to reopen your ticket:

how to reopen a ticket


You can also open/reopen/monitor tickets directly through My Service Portal.

Updated 4/23/2024 EG.