Test Out of Epic Training

If you have used Epic within the last three months, in your specialty, you may be able to test out of some Epic classroom training requirements.

Providers – To be eligible to “Test Out” of Epic Training you must:

  • Have used Epic in your specialty within the past three months
  • Travel to an Epic Training Center or participate in an in-person event (see below)

Fulfill RWJBarnabas Health Epic requirements:

  • Complete Web-Based Training (WBTs) (virtual)
  • Enhance and refine your skills in the Epic Playground (PLY) (virtual)
  • Attend User Settings Lab (USL) at a training facility (in-person)
  • Outpatient Providers – Complete Chart Health WBT and begin Chart Health activities two weeks prior to Go-Live (virtual)

Test Out – Appointment Only

Test Out is by appointment only. Please call the Provider Hotline at 732-658-4820 to schedule an appointment.

Updated 11/22/2023