Navigating Provider Supplemental Training Materials

Providers: Please review the following supplemental training materials

Available on your Epic Learning Home Dashboard

  1. Log-in to Epic
  2. Hit F1 on your keyboard to access the Learning Home Dashboard
  3. Search for the following tip sheets and materials:
  • Quality Measures: Tip sheets can be found here “Social Care-Healthy Planet Guides”
  • CareSelect: Tip sheets are available for the following CareSelect topics:
    • CareSelect – Imaging Predicted Indication
    • CareSelect- Imaging Structured Indication Selection
    • CareSelect- Saving Orders and Structured Reasons and Favorites
  • Telemedicine Visits:
    • Telemedicine Tips
    • Provider Telemedicine Tip Sheet
    • Provider E-Visit Tip Sheet (Pilot Practices Only)
  • Holter/Event Monitor Workflow (available on Cardiology Learning Home Dashboard only):
    • “Track Holter and Event Monitors” available under Cardiology Clinic Tech Guides section
  • Finding Patient Data:
    • A one-pager has been created as well as an expansive guide. Both are available on the Learning Home Dashboard.
  • The following supplemental training materials are in development. Check back soon for more information on finding tip sheets and guides on:
    • Medicare Wellness Visits
    • Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) Decision Support
    • Provider Finder for Referrals