SmartUser Program

epic smartuser program

Epic’s Physician SmartUser Program

Become an Epic Top Performer!

  • Spend less time in the chart.
  • Earn free CME credits (attending virtual, live webinars)!
  • Gain a highly valuable Epic Certification supported by RWJBH.

Epic’s Physician SmartUser Program is a series of 1-hour classes covering over 150 tips and tricks that show you how you can get the most out of Hyperspace in less time.

These free, live, 1-hour webinars are worth the time and effort invested!

  • SmartUser Courses are customized for provider specialties, such as Ambulatory, Emergency, Inpatient, OB, and Surgeon.
  • Each 1-hour course will include 45-50 minutes of lecture, with the remaining time dedicated to Q&A and independent exercises.
  • Each 1-hour course qualifies for 1 hour of AMA PRA Category 1 CME Credit™.
  • Complete eight SmartUser courses to earn an Epic Physician SmartUser Badge.

This is a highly valued certification!

Epic Physician SmartUser Course Offerings

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THESE COURSES: The Introduction course is for everyone. Choose the appropriate, additional courses that are right for you.

  • MD201v: Introduction: For physicians who want to get started with the SmartUser program, learn about Signal, gain access to a special training system, a sample of 7 tips, and manage your learning using EpicU.
  • AMBMD202v: Ambulatory Quick Wins: Set up your workspace, optimize the schedule, hide buttons you rarely use, optimize diagnosis entry, and learn quick and easy note tips.
  • EDMD202v: Emergency Department Quick Wins: Set up your workspace, optimize Track Board, hide buttons you rarely use, and learn efficiency tips for the Dispo activity.
  • IPMD202v: Inpatient Quick Wins: Set up your workspace, optimize and build Patient Lists, optimize Notes, and learn In Basket efficiency tips.
  • OBMD202v: OB Quick Wins: Set up your workspace, optimize the schedule and the Grease Board, learn quick tips for speeding up your notes, and efficiently use orders and Order Sets.
  • SURMD202v: Surgeon Quick Wins: Schedule management and cost receipts, manage your Order Sets, manage Phases of Care, use mobile tools, create reports using SlicerDicer, and track performance using the OR Surgeon Scorecard.
  • MD203v: Reviewing the Chart: Personalize Chart Review, Snapshot, Result Review, use Synopsis effectively, and maximize time by charting before the patient arrives.
  • MD220v: Introduction to SmartTools: Learn SmartTools terminology, find and use SmartTexts, SmartLists, and SmartLinks. Create, edit, and share your SmartPhrases.
  • MD224v: SmartTools Part 1: Use basic and advanced SmartLinks to populate patient information like recent labs, and see how to embed SmartLinks in your SmartPhrases.
  • MD225v: SmartTools Part 2: Create basic and advanced SmartLists, and see how to set your default selections in a list.
  • MD206v: Orders: Use keyboard shortcuts, create basic and advanced preference lists, edit multiple orders at once, create a user order panel, and create and edit user SmartSets and Order Sets.
  • IPMD206v: Inpatient Orders: Use shortcuts to quickly enter orders, manage personal inpatient preference lists, manage user Order Sets, and create order panels.
  • MD207v: In Basket: Sort and filter In Basket, update the In Basket layout based on your preferences, create and use QuickActions, use In Basket to support team-based care, and search In Basket.
  • MD208v: Reporting: Monitor your patient population by understanding how to effectively use the Reporting Workbench.
  • MD209v: Mobile iOS: See how mobile devices fit in with your workflows. Understand what mobile tools are available on Canto, Haiku, Unified Communications, and Limerick for iOS.
  • MD210v: Mobile Android: See how mobile devices fit in with your workflows. Understand what mobile tools are available on Haiku and Unified Communications for Android.
  • MD211v: NoteWriter: Use NoteWriter SmartLinks, create and manage macros, leverage patient-entered data, and report on SmartData elements.
  • MD212v: SlicerDicer: Monitor your patient population by understanding how to effectively use SlicerDicer.
  • MD230v: Efficiency Metrics: Find Epic usage metrics, explain how changes in user settings can impact the metrics, and identify areas where additional training may have an impact.

Updated: 01/23/2024