AI Webinar for IT&S Team

Presented by the RWJBarnabas Health Professional Development Workgroup

professional development workgroupArtificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot-button item, eliciting both fear and excitement.

As Information Technology professionals in the Healthcare industry, it is our responsibility to learn as much as we can about AI so we can harness its game-changing potential to provide better care for our patients.

“What’s Next for AI in Healthcare 2023” provides a seven-minute overview of the groundbreaking developments in this emerging field; from the development of drugs and vaccines to improving medical diagnosis and treatment, and boosting efficiencies. The webinar is optional but is highly recommended for all members of the IT&S team.

Click the link to view anytime:
“What’s Next For AI In Healthcare In 2023?” – The Medical Futurist Webinar

This is the first in a series of educational and professional development offerings for team members presented by the Professional Development Workgroup, part of the IT&S Workforce Committee initiative launched this year.

“The IT&S Workforce Professional Development committee is committed to providing learning opportunities supporting professional and personal growth,” said Cynthia Marvulli, Corporate Clinical Informatics Director and chair of the committee. “They may take the form of short videos, Ted Talks, online or in-person programs, certification programs, degree programs, or a host of other options.”

According to Cyndee and her committee, this AI webinar is the first of many programs designed to increase team knowledge and broaden our perspective. Stay tuned, for exciting new offerings in the New Year!