Epic – Close Encounters

Closing Ambulatory Encounters in Epic is Easy (and Mandatory)!

Now that you’re live on Epic it’s essential to understand how to close encounters within 24 hrs.

After a successful encounter, close it by finding that encounter in your “In Basket,” go to “My Open Encounters” and click on the “Sign Encounter” button near the top right.

Complete your charts in a timely fashion!

RWJBH’s Chart Completion Standards Policy reflects Joint Commission, CMS, and NJDOH patient safety best practices:

  • Ambulatory – A best practice is to close your encounters within 24 hours.
  • Encounter closure within 72 hours is mandatory.
  • To avoid escalation, please close encounters within 3 days!

If you need help understanding the “close encounter” process please call the Enterprise Service Desk for assistance.


Clinical Care Teams and Ambulatory Staff:

Updated 10/06/2023 EG