Epic Make-Up Training

Makeup training for Wave 2 providers and non-providers ends Friday, October 15, 2021

Those who have not already completed Wave 2 Epic training must submit a ServiceNow ticket and will be assigned training from the “New Hire” or CINJ classes currently on the training schedule.

NOTE: “New Hire” training is held during RWJBH’s bi-weekly “Embark” (new employee orientation) sessions.

Providers and Staff who have not completed Epic Training

Wave 2 providers and staff who have not completed required RWJBH Epic training by October 2 will NOT have access to the Epic system at Go-Live:

  • Providers will NOT be able to practice at RWJBH-Rutgers facilities until they are RWJBH Epic trained.
  • Staff members will not be able to log onto the Epic system to do their job.

Epic Training / “Make-Up” Training After Go-Live (10/2)

  • Training is available NOW for anyone who needs it — including new hires.
  • Make-Up training will continue in the days following Go-Live.
    • Your staff will not have access to Epic until they complete training

Register with NetLearning

  • To expedite the training registration process, ServiceNow tickets are no longer required.
  • If members of your team need Epic training, they should register for classes IMMEDIATELY through their NetLearning account:
  • ServiceNow tickets are ONLY required if classes are unavailable.

Locations for Training

Training is available in two locations:

If you have any questions, please contact:

Epic Together Training