Go-Live Wave 3B News 11-01-2022

Telemedicine Translation Services

As of this week an interpreter may be requested and included in video visits within Epic. This improves both the patient and provider experience and reduces our reliance on an external video platform.

In Epic, under the Telemedicine tab, you’ll find the “Add Interpreter” button which will connect you with an interpreter.

  • An interpreter or translator can now be requested from within the Epic Telemedicine navigator.
  • Within the Connect section, clicking Add Interpreter will launch the LanguageLine website and pre-populate all necessary information for the interpreter or translator to join the call.
  • Once the interpreter is no longer required, the interpreter can be removed from the ongoing call, or the call can be ended for all participants.

For more information, visit the Learning Home Dashboard (press F1 to open) within Epic and search for the “Telemedicine Translation Services” tip sheet.

No Open Top 10 Issues!

During Epic Go-Live events, RWJBH tracks “Top 10” issues as a way to monitor effectiveness and to focus resources. This Go-Live there was only one Top 10 issue that was resolved in 24 hours, with no new issues being reported since.