New Video Welcomes Epic Learners

mark manigan
Before Wave 5 colleagues settle in for their training classes, they are greeted by RWJBarnabas Health President and CEO Mark Manigan and Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer Rob Adamson in a short video explaining their role in the Epic Together project and its impact on healthcare and patient safety.

“The welcome video is an important part of the Epic Training process and is very well received by our learners,” said Maria Moffa, AVP of Epic Training. “Our colleagues like knowing their time and efforts are appreciated and that being fully trained on Epic is a critical element in our HRO journey.”

The original welcome video, produced in 2020, featured Rob and former RWJBH CEO Barry Ostrowsky. It was shown to more than 30,000 Epic learners in Waves 1 – 4

Click to watch the Epic Training Welcome Video shown before each class.

EG: Updated 7/25/2023