RWJBH is Live on Epic Hyperdrive!

How to Access Epic After Cutover

At approximately 5 am today, all remaining RWJBH sites live on Epic transitioned to Hyperdrive, our new web-based platform. Simultaneously, Wave 5B ambulatory sites went live on Epic!

Accessing Epic After Cutover:

If you are on duty during cutover, you need to relaunch the application to access Epic:

  • Close your current Epic Session
  • Tap out
  • Tap back in
  • Relaunch “PRD Hyperspace”

Selecting the Correct Epic Icon After Cutover

After Saturday’s transition to Epic Hyperdrive, all live sites will use the same Hyperdrive icon. Access Epic using the white “PRD Hyperspace” icon (see below).

NOTE: The old “Classic Client” icon will be located in a folder on your desktop called Epic Production. This icon is only used for certain administrative workflows and should not be used to access Hyperdrive.