Wave 4 – Go-Live Day 12 – Top 10 Resolved – Leapfrog Compliance – Econsent Workflow

Go Live Status Report

leapfrog compliance

Pyxis Override is now resolved!

Pyxis Override, the only issue to make the Wave 4 Top 10 escalation list, has been resolved. This was achieved in half the time as in Wave 3.

97% Leapfrog Barcode Scanning Compliance!

We reached 97% Leapfrog Barcode Scanning Compliance for every inpatient site in Wave 4. This is a major accomplishment and a job well done for RWJBarnabas Health.

Highlight E-Consent workflow and information

Only Performing Providers May Sign Provider E-Consents

More than just signing a form, the process of informed consent underscores the relationship between the patient and the provider.

A patient or proxy MUST fully understand the nature of the treatment, risks, benefits, and alternatives before they consent.

Tips for obtaining Informed Consent with Epic

  • Electronic consents (E-Consents) offer the best ability to achieve zero instances of missing/incomplete consents.
    • Required when the consent is obtained on hospital grounds.
    • Benefits include Electronic Time Out Checklist, Standardization, Decision Support, and Inter-Disciplinary Integration.
  • Open a Case Request: E-Consents are immediately available a􀅌er entering a Case Request order and thus do not need to wait for booking and scheduling.
  • For elective procedures, an ideal place to obtain informed consent is a quiet office before hospitalization. In this instance, consent can be on paper and scanned into Epic hyperspace (pending Ambulatory E-Consent workflows).