Wave 4 – Go-Live Day 16 – Physician Leaders and Practice Managers Key Meeting Items

No Top 10 meeting and report. Since Go-Live is stabalizing quickly, the Top 10 meeting is on hold until Monday, 5/15.

Physician Leaders and Practice Managers! Share these key items in your meetings:

Ambulatory and Inpatient Providers:

  • Exciting Update! Once a performing provider signs their portion of an e-consent, they can push the consent to the patient’s MyChart for the patient/designee signature.
    • This is especially helpful when a provider needs to obtain patient consent via telehealth or over the telephone.
  • Please promote MyChart to your patients.
  • Reminder: All providers must complete minimum personalization in Epic.

Ambulatory Providers:

  • Encounter Closure is required within 72 Hours.

Inpatient Providers:

  • Patient Lists, Provider Care Teams, Consults, and QGenda are a focus.
    • Tip Sheets and QGenda recorded demo available in this edition to help you get acquainted with this new functionality!
  • Ordering narcotics at discharge are ambulatory prescriptions, thus either require EPCS or a second signature from a privileged provider for the RX to be active.
    • However, if only continuing an existing prescription, please refer to the AVS Only – RX Routing Tip Sheet.
  • Pre-Op orders are required for surgery cases to reserve OR time.