Wave 4 – Go-Live Day 18 – Productive Week 3 – Outpatient in a Bed Patient Status Order

Wave 4 Week 3 Go-Live

Week 3 of the Wave 4 Epic Go-Live continues to deliver positive results.

“Outpatient in a Bed” Patient Status Order Clarification

  • “Outpatient in a Bed” is the correct patient class for outpatient surgery or outpatient procedure patients who need extended recovery time before discharge.
  • While “Observation” may seem correct, all charges for a patient’s outpatient surgery are included in the surgery case. Therefore, Observation Patient Class, dropping hourly bed charges, is an incorrect Patient Status Order for extended recovery scenarios.
  • When Outpatient Surgery/Outpatient Procedure patients require extended recovery time, please place an “Outpatient in a Bed” patient status order.