Wave 4 – Go-Live Day 20 – CSI ATE Ends Friday May 19 – RX Routing and Narcotics at Discharge

CSI ATE Ends Friday May 19

RWJBarnabas Health Wave 4 CSI at-the-elbow (ATE) support will be on site until 7pm Friday, May 19, when they roll-off for this Wave. All Epic customer support will transition to the training team starting Monday, May 22.

Helpful Tips

RX Routing and Narcotics at Discharge

Providers without EPCS privileges (most commonly Residents) need a second signature for e-prescriptions of narcotics at discharge

  • Residents can order narcotics when a patient is admitted under the permit of the hospital.
  • In order for a resident to prescribe narcotics at discharge (as discharge orders are outpatient prescriptions), they must have a DEA Number and be a registered EPCS user.
  • To request EPCS access, please open an Imprivata EPCS ServiceNow Ticket.
  • Reminder: Prescriptions requiring second signature (such as narcotics) are not active and not received by the pharmacy until they are second signed by an authorizing provider, such as the attending.
  • Whoever is ordering the narcotic medication should immediately contact the second signing provider to prevent delays with activating narcotics prescriptions at discharge.
    • If the second signature has not been completed, the retail pharmacy will not receive the narcotic prescriptions.