Wave 4 – Go-Live Day 6 – Physician Leaders Practice Managers Talking Points

Physician Leaders and Practice Managers – Share these key items in your meetings:

Ambulatory and Inpatient Providers:

  • Reminder: All providers must complete minimum personalization in Epic.
  • Download Haiku version 10.4.3 to solve for the iPhone issue with abnormal results in an unexpected format.

Inpatient Providers:

  • OR Cases must include Pre-Op Orders to prevent delays or possible cancellations.
  • Update your Secure Chat Status to avoid night interruption alerts.
  • Update to Admitting Provider Information requires a call to Admitting/Registration.

Prevent Overnight Messaging Alerts by updating your Secure Chat Status

  • Clinicians can mark themselves as Busy, Do Not Disturb, or Offline in Secure Chat.
  • Do Not Disturb – Allows messages to be sent to customer but no push notification will be sent on messages with a Normal priority.
  • Offline – Prevents users from sending or receiving new messages.
  • A black circle with an “X” icon indicates you are Offline, and you will not receive any Secure Chat message alerts.