Wave 4 – Go-Live Day 7 – Ambulatory Inpatient Huddle Topics

Managers and Leaders Huddle Topics

Ambulatory Huddle Topics:

  • Solarity – The scanning platform change began in March and will finalize mid-May.
  • If you need to complete Solarity Web-Based Training, it is assigned to you in Epic Training / Symplr now.

Inpatient Huddle Topics:

  • Wave 4 Inpatient Nursing: Admission – Home Medication Review is a priority
  • Discharge AVS – Do NOT send a patient home without a Discharge AVS
  • Review the Sepsis Best Practice Advisory (BPA) updates

Proper Use of Secure Chat

Nurses – Please Call Providers, Including Residents, for Critical Values and Changes of Status:

  • Urgent patient safety items must be communicated via a telephone call to ensure timely receipt of the message.
  • Please do NOT send urgent patient safety messages using Secure Chat.
  • Contact the provider directly for clarification of orders within your scope.
  • Please re-enforce with all users to use Secure Chat appropriately!
  • Avoid the use of Secure Chat during night hours for non-sensitive communications.

Inpatient Nursing: Admission Home Medication Review Is a Priority.

  • While Admission Medication Reconciliation is a provider’s responsibility, nursing is required to support the efficient completion of the home medication review in this important documentation.
  • The Home Medication Review process is important because it:
    • Ensures that all home medications are available to the provider to continue in the hospital if appropriate.
    • Ensures that when the patient is discharged, all necessary home medications will be available to be continued and/or prescribed as needed, even if they were not administered in the hospital.